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These Books

by Tom Rowley

An actor takes on a role which destroys his life in this surreal, funny and unexpectedly emotional film


Parker, a young female puppet of society has constructed the perfect persona, as a loyal campaign manager to her fiancé Matt. But when her dying father fails to recognize his only daughter, Parker finds herself questioning her integrity and identity. As the ticking clock of Matt’s campaign comes to a close so does the opportunity to connect with her dad. Although scared to change, Parker is faced with the decision to either float farther from reality or face what is waiting for her on the ground.


by Diarmuid Hayes & Sarah Whicker

One plucky laptop is desperate to make a connection. A comical insight into how computers think and act when we leave the room.

The Long Wet Grass

by Justin Davey

In a remote lakeside location, a strong-willed woman and a dedicated paramilitary are at an existential impasse. Can their interwoven past save her?

Starring: Anna Nugent

Written by: Anna Nugent and Seamus Scanlon

Based on a play written by Seamus Scanlon

With music from Marketa Irglova

The Family Way


A family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer.

11th Hour

by Jim Sheridan

The evening of 9/11, the bar is heaving with locals united in grief and anger; a cop pulls his gun. Then a surprise visitor enters.

Starring Salma Hayek Pinault