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by Jason O’Mara

Detective Teddy Kowalski gives his investigations plenty of razzle-dazzle but often misses the most obvious clues.


by Alexandra McGuinness

Six friends and strangers arrive at a Brooklyn dinner party that their hosts have no memory of planning.

The Green Rabbit & The Ice-Cream Girl

by  Eoin Macken

A man is stumbling through the desert, in only his underwear lost and confused. A car pulls alongside, driven by a beautiful young girl who knows his name. His name is Gerry and its tattooed on his forehead. Her name is Eilis, from a pendant around her neck. With nowhere else to go, he gets into the car and begins a surreal journey  to answer the reason he’s there at all.

Wifey Redux

by Robert McKeon

A man becomes maniacally obsessed with chasing off his teenage daughter’s new boyfriend. Based on a short story by acclaimed Irish author Kevin Barry.