Emerald City, Colin Broderick, 2017. LA Premiere.

Director Colin Broderick will take part in a Q&A hosted by Josh Brolin following the screening.

Tuesday November 28th, 7:30pm.

Laemmle Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Colin Broderick’s first feature film “Emerald City” tells the tale of a hard living crew of aging Irish construction workers in NYC and of one character in particular who may have found a way out.

Pat Mack, played by the comedic theatrical actor, John Keating, lives in the Irish enclave of Woodlawn, Yonkers, with his wife and two kids. His Manhattan based construction business is teetering on the brink, but his personal life might be in worse shape that that. Meanwhile on the job he is trying to rally a crew of Irish misfits who might be well be unemployable were it not for his misguided sense of cultural commitment to each of them.

The movie features retired Irish professional boxer, John “The Derry Destroyer” Duddy, in his first starring role. John plays retired boxer Podge Quinn. Podge lives in Sunnyside, Queens, and works as a carpenter on Pat Mack’s crew of misfits. Podge has fallen in love with a local Irish barmaid, Mary, who has had her fill of sweet talking Irishmen. Podge is having trouble proving to her that he is not like the others.

Broderick, originally from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, who wrote, directed, produced, and stars in Emerald City, delivers a glimpse into this Irish immigrant subculture with a sense of ease and authenticity that betrays his own working class background. He has worked construction in New York City for thirty years. In the past eight years, since he sobered, he wrote a memoir “Orangutan” detailing the recklessness of his own hard partying lifestyle. The book published nationally by Random House to wild acclaim, continues to breach the best seller lists in the U.S. as one of the top recovery memoirs of its genre. Random House also published his second memoir “That’s That” which details his life growing up in Northern Ireland during the years of The Troubles. His new book, the anthology, “The Writing Irish of New York” will be published in the spring by Fordham University Press.