With director James Demo and Padraig O'Malley in person Q&A.
Sunday, Feb 11th, 3pm. Cinema Village.

march 2017

Origins 1st Irish Theatre FestivalA reading and discussion of Niall McKay’s short film script The Ferry, going into production in March in Ireland.

THE PEACEMAKER - Q&A with James Demo and Padraig O'MalleySunday Feb 11th, 3:00 pm at Cinema Village.

‘What we have witnessed this weekend is the extraordinary breadth of Irish talent both living and working in the US and Ireland – Irish Screen America is an incredible platform to share stories and at the same time have a lot of fun. Thank you to Niall and the ISA team - we know the hard work they put in and we wish ISA every success in building on an amazing launch.’

Teresa McGrane, Deputy CEO of The Irish Film Board

“Traditionally in Ireland the word “Meitheal” was used to describe the village coming together to bring in the harvest,” says Barbara Jones, Consul General of Ireland in New York. “Well, this is what Niall McKay is trying to do with Irish Screen America, bring us all together to help Irish filmmakers get films made and noticed in the United States. Niall is asking us, rightly, to come together to promote this wonderful harvest of new Irish film talent for audiences in the US and I would ask everyone to help him in this important work.

Barbara Jones, Consul General of Ireland in New York